“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.”

Flora Vitality is dedicated to providing you with all the tools necessary to take control of your own health. Combining naturopathic knowledge with a holistic outlook on life will ensure that you get the complete package.

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“My mission is to inspire longevity, vitality and harmony through empowering individuals, and activating the body’s innate ability to heal itself with nourishing foods and natural medicines”

Alex is a qualified naturopath, holistic spa therapist and member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). Trained in the philosophies, principles and practices of modern and traditional naturopathic medicine, combined with a sound knowledge of medical science, Alex’s passion lies in holistic health, with a strong belief in the healing power of nature and food as medicine.

As part of your therapeutic relationship with Alex, she will assess you individually and assist you to accomplish your personal health goals through developing a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs.

The naturopathic approach delivers lasting results that restore health by altering the way in which your body functions to re-establish equilibrium, the one thing that our bodies strive for. Naturopathy provides symptomatic relief, whilst addressing the true underlying cause of illness and returning your body to a state of harmony.

A naturopathic consultation entails a detailed case history, various diagnostic tests and a naturopathic assessment, followed by individualised and safe administration of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations to prevent illness, encourage healing, improve quality of life and bring about physical, mental and emotional balance.

The Flora Vitality difference incorporates luxury with practicality, ensuring that your experience is enjoyable and comfortable every time you visit. We offer relaxation, guided meditation, herbal teas and reading material, or an aromatic footbath while you wait for your individual prescriptions to be prepared.

Your time is precious, so it is often necessary for our consultations to be divided into two or three shorter sessions to allow for individual case research between sessions after gathering all required information. This is so that we can provide you with the most suitable and effective holistic treatment plan that will address all aspects of your health, both short and long term, without wasting your valuable time at our clinic.

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My prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass.

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